Thursday, December 23, 2010

Congratulations, Congress: You Successfully Did Your Job

With the passage of several large bills, including a repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the START Treaty, the last few weeks have been very productive for Congress and President Obama.  Like all other liberals, I should be licking the ground the President walks on, thanking God tonight that Harry Reid was re-elected and bowing down to the large alter I have made to each and every Democratic leader of our country. Here is my best:

Thank you, Congress, for passing bills that have been bickered about, argued on, discussed in committee, filibustered, and polled about for the better part of a year.  You have now done, within about a month, what seemed to be impossible for the last two years.

Obviously, the passage of these bills was not impossible.  It only appeared so due to the fact that Republicans have been in a competition of who can see the furthest part of their rectums while democrats sat by stomping and screaming on the edge of the playground. It also appeared so because the base of the Democratic party would rather scream at their own party for compromising on a relatively reasonable tax bill than understand that the passage of it is better than the continuing rectum/crying circle of life that has been the spectacle of politics for the last two years.

I will now quote my favorite, crazy, religious nut job, Pat Robertson:  "If the congress had been doing what it was supposed to do, they'd have had it done during August, during the Summer.  They were spending all their time on nonsense....this is outrageous....when the Democrats controlled congress they should have been getting it done all summer."  Touche, Patty.  For the second time in history, you are right on something.   

All of these pieces of legislation should have been passed long before the last month of the congressional session.  Sure, you can give the argument that Republicans were filibustering everything, but that is a simple, partisan answer to a much more complicated problem.  Congress failed at doing almost anything for a horrifying amount of time and each side needs to accept that their party failed them.

Yes.  I am very happy these bills passed.  Kudos.  Merry Christmas.  Whatever. 

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Within a magical month, huge leaps were made in our country.  Why hasn't the country been able to say this for the last 22?

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